"Meant to be…

It was never truer said than for Kriss Luckett and Greg Ziesemer.  Great and strong and creative on their own, together they are so much more than the sum of their parts, a new creation, the best of both, old and new and growing stronger by the day. They experience life with care and wonder, and treat the people and things that come their way with respect and thoughtfulness. They are the kind of friends of whom you can truly say they know you well, but love you anyway.


No journey in life is accomplished without baggage, and Greg and Kriss had their share. But they carried it gently, and unpacked it with grace. Listen to their songs and you’ll hear of streets and highways, love and longing, songs of courtship and living life. Underneath it all is the gentle spirit they both bring to their creativity and to their lives. Listen, and you’ll know the hearts of two wonderful people, people who want nothing more than to make life a little better for all of us."


- Chuck Stevenson
Cajun Musician and Roots Music Afficionado


“The music of Greg & Kriss derives from the heart and soul of Americana and contemporary folk music and is a sterling manifestation of excellence in that genre. The hallmark of their work is the skillful blending of well-crafted lyrics, polished guitar accompaniment and finely tuned vocals and harmonies. They have performed on my radio show, Kentucky Homefront, in the context of a writers’ roundtable, and their performance was solid with fresh original compositions. After listening to their most recent recording I was once again impressed with their material; their songs come from their own life experiences and touch the heart with directness and simplicity. I am looking for the earliest possible date to book them for a return performance on Kentucky Homefront.”


- John Gage
Kentucky Homefront Radio Hour, WFPK, Louisville, KY




“Greg and Kriss have heart, wit and chops. All abound on (2012 live CD release) “Songs from the Sky,” which captures one of those special moments of communication between artists and audience. Spinning out one vivid tune after another, Greg and Kriss take us down Main Street, along The National Road, and over to Luther’s Guitar, Bait, and Tackle Shop. Their stories are personal, offering us points of connection to understand our own experiences. These are insights of place and perspective, drawn succinctly and sweetly. Each tune is a well-crafted lens that provides a glimpse of the lives of these two artists—and our own.


Give Greg and Kriss a listen, and indulge in a taste of Americana wrought anew."   


- Dan Henkel
Host, IndyFolk Concert Series, Indianapolis, IN